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Ubuntu 10.10 and Backtrack 4 R1 dual-boot

October 14, 2010

Hi folks, in this post I am going to explain about how to “dual-boot Ubuntu 10.10 and Backtrack 4 R1

before starting please note below points

  • Backtrack 4 R1 still has lack of support for Ext4 (future releases will be compatible)



I have moved all my WordPress blogs to a single blog at Blogger, the complete article can be found at the below link

I would be deleting all of my WordPress blogs soon, is my only blog, you can find all my stuff there 🙂

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  1. AnotherGeek permalink

    Do you really think the way you explain, people can install both without the help of someone else’s explanation?
    Please rewrite it with a good step-by-step explanation.
    Thanks for your effort.

  2. Giant85 permalink

    The best way to right a tutorial is to pretend the person that will be reading it is a complete idiot or has no idea how to do anything in the process. Explain every little point. If you are telling them to type something in a terminal window walk them through how to open the terminal incase they don’t know how.

    Good Luck.

  3. Hi Giant85 thanks for the suggestion. Now it is clear. I am starting as a blogger so on my previous post’s I straight away shooted what ever came into my mind 🙂 … I will definitely make sure to explain as you said from my next posts


  4. Monster84 permalink

    I support what Giant85 says about the novice idiots who have just started or even like Giant85 who was in the beginning one of those. 🙂
    There are a lot of people writing online explaining step-by-step. We can group them into two:
    1. The writers who are helping both novice idiots like me, AnotherGeek, and other novices as well as the people who are a bit advanced.
    2. The writers who are helping only the people who are a bit advanced.

    The choice is yours. 🙂

    • Hi thanks for the reply 🙂 you are right haven’t thought of it. Will do it from my next posts … Once again thanks for the feedback

  5. peace permalink

    wtf !!!!
    shit !!!!

  6. bseos permalink

    Thanks for the guide mate!
    Was wondering whether i should install bt4 first (with or without the boot manager) or ubuntu.

    Now i know to install bt4 with boot manager, then install ubuntu and perform update-grub

    That way i can get my Windows 7 and XP installations added automatically.

    Thanks a million, thats all i needed to know 😛

    So far it’s looking good for my Quad-Boot 😀

  7. Kaminari permalink

    I’m something of a novice with computers, barely able to use a command line and haven’t yet found a use for even attempting a script.

    This article was just about right for me.

    Don’t let other peoples complaining change your style.

    You say backtrack don’t like ext4, that’s helpful. You tell me to load it ahead of Ubuntu to allow Grub-2 to configure properly, that’s helpful. If you showed me how to partition drive that would be a total waste of time.

    Considering what’s on Backtrack, anyone who needs more help shouldn’t be bothering with it!

    • Hi Kaminari … Thanks for your feedback I tried this article in my style and I am happy to hear that it is actually helped handful of people … In future I’ll have to make sure that the articles posted should be understood by everyone … This is just my experimentation blog 🙂 but I am happy to hear positive feedback from you … Thanks again .

  8. Nice tutorial actually, quite clear – I like that you stuck just to aspects about partitioning and boot order, maybe if you were to add more detail, you’d make sub-posts and link to them in this one.

  9. Hey Thanks,
    I was installing Ubuntu first and it just did not work. Thanks for the short and sweet explanation on how to do it. I would not have wanted to read a long article just to see that I needed to install in a different order.

  10. Plasmah permalink

    Hi thanks much for this. I just got a new laptop and used your guide to install Ubuntu 11.10 and backtrack 5 R1. All went well!

  11. purplepenguin permalink

    Fab howto thanks for your time and efforts. I like your style of writing (to others why are noobs idiots I bet most know the difference between right and write Giant85)

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