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How to create a virtual LAN of 3 clients and 1 server using VMware

May 7, 2010

Hi Guys,

Well, this is my first Post on this Blog πŸ™‚

I was using Blogger and it was kind of goofed up blog πŸ˜› … So, came to WordPress πŸ™‚ !!

Anyways, in this post I am going to show how to configure a Virtual LAN consisting of a Windows Server 2003 and three Client Windows 2000 operating systems…

This will be helpful if you want to play on Windows Environments and also for Microsoft certification courses ….

Note: Though I used old 2003 and 2000 OSs, this applies to 2008 R1/R2 and Windows 7/8 Oss too.


I have moved all my WordPress blogs to a single blog at Blogger, the complete article can be found at the below link

I would be deleting all of my WordPress blogs soon, is my only blog, you can find all my stuff there πŸ™‚

Thank you for visiting and sorry for the inconvenience. See you there!



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  1. anrg permalink

    Hi Bala. Its a good post. But the only back drop is that you have selected a huge concept for a single post. Rather than showing in the single post why don’t you try splitting into multiple post like part1 and part2 and so on….
    And another one more way to handle this kind of topics is by creating videos for them.
    Use some Screen recording software and explain them in your own words and show them how you can do that stuff online…..

  2. Hi anrg ….
    sorry for the late reply was busy …
    Thank you very much for giving me the feedback
    yes ! you are right …. This is my first post so I gave it a try …
    from the next post onwards I’ll make sure to include the features which you have mentioned

    thanks again πŸ™‚

  3. madhu sudhan permalink

    hi I am very new to this VMWARE world, I am working as network support engineer, I want to learn VMWare,please i want more help ( scratch) from u in vmware. I want navigation’s how to travel in vmware

    • Hi Madhu.. thanks for your support.. I am also working in network support
      let me know what you want to know. I’ll try my best in providing accurate information

  4. sabeer permalink

    I am a newbie in vmware, I am using this for study purpose.
    I am using UBUNTU as my OS , I am running VMware workstation 7.1.4

    I installed windows server2003 and a windows xp professional in my vmware. I want to join the xp under the domain of server 2003.
    I need a virtual lan connection between server 2003 and xp .

    could you please help me in this

    • Hi Sabeer, use NAT connection on both the machines (Windows 2003 server and XP) and try to ping the machines from both, if you are not able to ping or connect disable the firewall on both and try again … It will work

  5. SLbeginer permalink

    great man ………..can’t we settup a linux sever ? with clients

  6. can you explain how to enable internet access on this vlan ?

    • Hi, to get internet access, configure the VMnet adapter to ‘Bridge’ mode on all Virtual Machines, in that your local router will automatically assign the IP addresses to the Virtual Machines (considering that DHCP runs on your router) if not, you may have to manually assign the IP addresses …

  7. aSaD permalink

    the best post i have ever came across over the internet.each n every thing is so thoroughly explained.mind blowing…im totally impressed.this post solved my very basic vm problems…
    thnx alot dude

  8. Aslam khan permalink

    Great work Dear.i really appreciate your post coz you explains a lot about VMware.i have one question please have a look if you can help me .I have installed windows server 2008r2 on VMware 8 workstation and I already installed DNS,AD,DHCP on my server2008.i already installed client with windows 7 now I want to join my client machine with server and also I want my client should use DHCP from to configure network adaptor for server and client to be able to be in domain.
    thank you

  9. vishal permalink

    how to creat client and server(domain controller) in vm 11

  10. Uday permalink

    Hi bala,
    I have installed oracle application on vmware (OS-windows server 2003). I am not able to open oracle apps login page. same URL(or IP) can ping from command prompt and it received data as well.
    Also my LAN icon get connected but only from one side.
    I have changed IP and check but not success.

    Could you please help me on this.


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